2011 Calendar: Forest, Flower and & Fire Faeries

The annual Faerie Foto Calendar for 2011 is now available!

This year I have added Fire Faeries and the new images are simply amazing. I use real film & a real camera (old school!) and I shoot real women, not models, who believe in faeries. I shoot my magical winged women over already exposed film of deep nature, waterfalls, rivers, fall leaves, flowers and trees. The random double exposures are magical and one of a kind, I feel the faeries help me create these River Sprites, Forest Pixies, and Flower Faeries.

Each month has a frameable fine art faerie print, as well as monthly Fun Faerie Facts, and all the Pagan, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist Religious Holidays, as well as all the Moon Phases. For lovers of magic, faeries, nature, photography. Makes a great gift.


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