Faerie Fotos is a fine art photography series by Cyoakha Grace O’Manion.

Cyoakha is a multi-disciplinary artist, clothing designer and musician. She has been well known in the music scene, as well as in photography, sculpture and art curating for decades. Cyoakha’s Galleri 8, art on the edge, featured many well-renowned artists, as well as teaching, workshop and studio space. Her black & white double exposures were chosen in the international show “Best of New Alternative American Artists” & her art toured many countries. Cyoakha has continued her work in both visual art and photography, as well as a singer songwriter for her many musical projects & soundtracks, and is always prolific, and always unique.

To find out more about Cyoakha’s Faerie Sexy upcycled clothing line, as well as her various bands and musical projects, please explore the Related Sites section at the left.

The Faerie Fotos series has been in production for many years, releasing an annual calendar of selected works and plans for full color book of these amazing images next year. All photographs are random double exposures using real film run through twice. These images are magically created, they are not photoshop layers! They are created with nature, magic, and real women, not mainstream models!

She dedicates this series to all those that believe in the magic of nature, faeries, sprites, angels, pixies, mermaids & naughty nymphs…

Faerie Fotos 2012 Calendar: Celtic Faerie Magic  for $14.99 ea. 

Priority shipping flat rates are as follows, and include multiple prints/calendars for one shipping price:

$6 Priority shipping & handling in the US (2-7 days)
Canada and Mexico priority shipping $13 (7-10 days)
Select EU priority shipping $16 (7-14 days)

“NO multiple order/discounts thru paypal, BUT you’re more than welcome to pay by check for multiple orders. Pricing is $14.99 for 1 calendar, $12 for the 2nd (total $27) OR $11 for the 3rd calendar (total $38 plus shipping) Same shipping price above & no additional shipping on gift calendar orders!   More than 3 calendars: $11 each & $10 shipping (up to 6, after that, contact me please) 

  Send check to Cyoakha Grace, PO Box 1115 Ukiah, CA  95482 Thank You!

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