2011 Calendar: Forest, Flower and & Fire Faeries

The annual Faerie Foto Calendar for 2011 is now available!

This year I have added Fire Faeries and the new images are simply amazing. I use real film & a real camera (old school!) and I shoot real women, not models, who believe in faeries. I shoot my magical winged women over already exposed film of deep nature, waterfalls, rivers, fall leaves, flowers and trees. The random double exposures are magical and one of a kind, I feel the faeries help me create these River Sprites, Forest Pixies, and Flower Faeries.

Each month has a frameable fine art faerie print, as well as monthly Fun Faerie Facts, and all the Pagan, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist Religious Holidays, as well as all the Moon Phases. For lovers of magic, faeries, nature, photography. Makes a great gift.



    1. “BEAUTIFUL! This is my second gorgeous Faerie Calendar by Cyoakha. I look forward to looking at the gorgeous images as well as reading all of the information that isn’t usually found on other calendars all month long. A definite “must have” for all friends of faeries.” Melo, November 29, 2010 *****5 stars out of 5

    2. “INCREDIBLE PHOTO ART A true work of art by a wonderful master of good old fashioned double exposed film. Cyo captures the essence of the spirit realm in her original shots creating a special bond between her models and the beauty of the natural world. Infused with holidays of many religions, moon phases and poetic phrases to inspire this is a must have for all who are empowered by nature, women, and Faeries. Enjoy!” Tatseena, November 10, 2010 *****5 stars out of 5

    3. “SIMPLY MAGICAL I’ve been collecting art prints by this artist for several years and always look forward to seeing her latest work. Cyoakha Grace O’Manion’s Faerie Foto Calendar is one more stunning example of this artist’s magical approach to photography. If you love faeries, magic, photography, and images which reflect the beauty of real women, you’ll want start your own collection today!” WordyWoman, November 8, 2010 *****5 stars out of 5
    *****5 stars out of 5

    4. “FAERIES LAND IN THIS UNIQUE COLORFUL CALENDAR! Who the hell writes a review for a calendar? Well, sorry, but this baby is pretty impressive. The artist knows how to use a camera and her double exposures are supremely crafted. I’ve read that she only uses FILM, not digital, for goodness sakes! Trust me (but why should you?) her images are enchanting, entrancing, and otherworldly. And, besides, who doesn’t like Women With Wings?” Roderick Ash, November 11, 2010 *****5 stars out of 5

    5. “TRULY MAGICAL! This is the second year I have bought one of these for myself. Cyo has captured the magic of the Fae with her double exposure art in a way that shares the essence of magical time and place; one which can only be found in dreams or the visions of mystics, or travel’s to other worlds.” Mikhael Brown, November 10, 2010 *****5 stars out of 5

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